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Darcey & Stacey Body Mist Perfume


Now in a larger bottle and made after Darcey's and Stacey's absolute favorite scents.

Feel embraced by a long-lasting and angelic fragrance. Soft and luscious, intended for everyday wear.

  • 60mL of Perfume
  • Eau de toilette body mist perfume
  • Made in USA
  • Assembled with Love in Los Angeles

Darcey's Body Mist: Inspired by a love story full of roses and jasmine, earth green grass, and the early morning woods. This dangerously sweet fragrance encompasses scents of softness, sweetness, and lusciousness. Its heart note is one consisting of musk and rose that is irresistibly flirtatious and elegant.

  • Top Note: Sweet Musk
  • Middle Notes: Pineapples, Floral Rose, Green Leaves
  • Base Note: Jasmine

Stacey's Body Mist: Much like a living flower hidden by the shadows of a warm summer's eve. This fragrance is the gentle breeze flying high above the heavens, through the trees, and gliding between the meadows to finally kiss your neck with a fresh spring smell.

  • Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Lemon 
  • Middle Notes: Birch, Rose Marine
  • Base Notes: Vanilla